Boards and Authorities

Boards and Authorities

NameAppointed ByFour Year Term

Name Appointed By Five Year Term
Chip Dorminy Chairman July 2015-July 2020
Milton "Bubba" Hopkins County July 2015-July 2020
Tim Kegebein County July 2015-July 2020
Bill Luke County July 2015-July 2020
Steven MitchellCounty July 2015-July 2020

Name Status Term
Vanessa MeltonChairman April 2020
Charlene Lankford Secretary April 2020
Stephen Pair June 2022
Scott Spivey October 2024
Jennifer Turner April 2021

O.D. NetterChairman
Constance ManleyMember
Joseph Manley Member
Eric Stone Member

NameAppointed ByTwo Year Term
David Walker, ChairmanCountyExpires: Dec 31, 2019
Danny Young, Vice ChairCountyExpires: Dec 31, 2019
Dr. Thomas GreenCountyExpires: Dec 31, 2020
Penson KaminskyDemocratic Party
Gudrun Mills Republican Party

Name PositionThree Year Term
John A. Dixon, Jr.MemberDecember 2020
Roffie Sheppard MemberDecember 2019
Felicia Young Member December 2021
Arthur L. AndersonAlternate December 2019
Connie GrahamAlternate December 2020
Katherine Silva-Nash Alternate December 2021

NameAppointed ByTerm
Daniel Cowan, CommissionerCountyVirtue of Office
Thelma GrahamCountyDecember 2022
Dr. J. Shawn HaralsonBHC School Supt.Virtue of Office
Heath Parrish, N.P.CountyDecember 2022
Mayor Jim PuckettCityVirtue of Office
Sue Smith City December 2022
Jim Turner CountyDecember 2021

NameAppointed ByFour Year Term
Randy HughesCountyJuly 2020
Wesley MitchellCounty March 2022
Jasper Stewart CountyJanuary 2023

Name Appointed ByFive Year Term
Rick BostlemanCountyJune 2023
Mark White CountyFebruary 2024
Joyce JenkinsCountyJuly 2020
Debra WeilCounty August 2021

Name Appointed By Three Year Term
Dale NidayCountyJanuary 2021

Name Appointed By Term
Bennie Calloway County Virtue of Office
Michael Dinnerman County
Michael Griffin City December 2020
Mayor Jim Puckett City Virtue of Office
Chairman Steve Taylor County Virtue of Office
Neesa Williams City December 2020

Name Appointed By Three Year Term
John Luckie, Chairman City June 2022
Hank Braddy City June 2020
Jeremy CoxCounty March 2022
Johnny Pruitt DLS Board October 2021
Jennifer ShultzCounty August 2020

Name Appointed By Five Year Term
Chairman Steve Taylor County Virtue of Office
Mayor Jim Puckett City Virtue of Office

Name Status Term
Charlene Lankford President2018-2020
Kathy A. YoungSec/Treasurer 2018-2020
Pam Davis Member 2018-2020
Sam Jones Member 2018-2020
Claudia Kamisky Member2018-2020
Sara LankfordMember2018-2020
Anna Oliver Member2018-2020

Name Appointed ByThree Year Term
Anna Brown City July 2021
Sherry Sue Davis County July 2021
Ben JacobsCity October 2020
Bonnie Kelley City August 2021
Mayor Jim Puckett City Ex-officio
Chairman Steve Taylor County Ex-officio

Name Appointed ByFive Year Term
Chris Calhoun CountyApril 2021
Trey LuckieCityFebruary 2021
Jim Turner City February 2021
George Vereen County June 2020

Name Appointed By Term
Michael Dinnerman, Manager County Ex-Officio
Jimmy Johnson, Councilman City February 2022
Cam Jordan, Deputy Administrator City Ex-Officio
Tim Kegebein, Road Superintendent County April 2021
Neal Poole, Landfill Director Other Ex-Officio
Jim Puckett, Mayor City February 2022
Billy RegisterJoint March 2020
Steve Taylor, ChairmanCounty December 2021
Kathy A. Young, Deputy Administrator City Ex-Officio