County Clerk
Donna R. Prather, County Clerk

The Ben Hill County Clerk serves as the official custodian of the Ben Hill County seal and materials of public record for the Ben Hill County Board of Commissioners and other County boards and authorities. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating and distributing Board of Commissioners agendas and minutes
  • Handling requests for public records
  • Maintaining the Ben Hill County Code of Ordinances
  • Ensuring that the County adheres to the Georgia Open Meetings and Open Records acts
  • Assisting with the processing of contracts
  • Publishing and distributing all disclosures pursuant to the Ben Hill County Code of Ethics
  • Boards and Authorities Appointment Process


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The Building Inspector provides the following services to Ben Hill County Residents:
  • Review plans to ensure they meet building codes, local ordinances, and zoning regulations
  • Approve building plans that are satisfactory
  • Monitor construction sites periodically to ensure overall compliance
  • Use survey instruments, metering devices and test equipment to perform inspections
  • Inspect plumbing, electrical and other systems to ensure that they meet code
  • Verify alignment, level and elevation of structures to ensure building compliance
  • Issue violation notices and stop-work orders until building is compliant
  • Keep daily logs, including photographs taken during inspection
  • Provide written feedback related to the findings

Construction and building inspectors examine buildings, highways and streets, sewer and water systems, dams, bridges and other structures. They also inspect electrical, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR); and plumbing systems. Although no two inspections are alike, inspectors perform an initial check during the first phase of construction and follow-up inspections throughout the construction project. When the project is finished, they do a final, comprehensive inspection and provide written or oral feedback related to their findings.

For permit applications Click Here
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Clerk of Superior Court
The Honorable Betty Lynn Johnson

The Clerk of Superior Court provides the following services for Ben Hill County Residents

Filing records for:

  • Criminal
  • Juvenile
  • Adoption
  • Garnishments
  • Warrants
  • Recordings
  • Real Estate
  • Liens (Federal, State, Lis Penden, Etc)
  • Hospital Liens
  • UCC (Personal Property)
  • Plat
  • Military Discharge

This Office Issues:

  • Notary Commissions
  • Passports
  • Subpoenas
  • Jury Summons
  • Fi Fa's
  • Bench Warrants
  • Bond Forfeitures
  • Arraignment Notices

Compile Calendars for:

  • Civil
  • Criminal
  • Arraignment

Records not available to the general public:

  • Juvenile
  • Adoption
  • Military Discharge


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Robert W. Chasteen, Jr., Chief Judge                 T. Christopher Hughes, Judge                      Denise D. Fachini, Judge



Mark Shealy, County Coroner

The coroner's major role in the investigation is to establish the cause and manner of death. The cause is the medical reason the person dies and the manner is whether they died as a result of a homicide, suicide, accident, natural causes or in an undetermined fashion.

The Coroners office provides the following services for Ben Hill County Residents

To investigate deaths that occur in Ben Hill County:

  • As a result of violence
  • Suicide or casualty
  • Suddenly when in apparent good health
  • When unattended by a physician
  • In any suspicious or unusual manner
  • After birth, but before seven years of age if the death is unexpected or unexplained
  • As a result of an execution carried out pursuant to the death penalty
  • When an inmate of a state hospital, or a state, county, or city penal institution dies


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O.D. Netter, Jr., Chairman

The DABHC's primary goal is to serve our community through a variety of services. Our office operates as a regional hub of information and support for the GA Appleseed Heir's Property Project, USDA StrikeForce Center, the Joint Land Bank, The Revolving Loan Fund and Economic Development. Our holistic approach to Economic Growth is a community wide effort and we look forward to working with you.

Ben Hill County has multiple organizations who missions encompass the growth of the county’s economy and the success of our business sector. While each entity has a different perspective, operates within a different structure, and leverages different resources, we work collaboratively to ensure that an individual or a company seeking business assistance is directed to the most relevant source. Resources such as the county's incentive programs and most overlooked tax credits.

More information is available on the Development Authority's website.


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Cindi Dunlap, Elections Supervisor & Chief Registrar

Qualified Candidates for the May 24th, 2022 General Primary Election

The Board of Elections provides the following services for Ben Hill County Residents

The Board of Elections registers all eligible citizens to vote, provides free voter IDs, and maintains districting maps for Ben Hill County and the City of Fitzgerald. We also conduct all Federal, State, and County-wide elections, maintain election results and uphold election laws regarding registration and voting.

To register to vote you must:

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Be a legal resident of the Ben Hill County
  • Be at least 17 1/2 years of age to register and 18 years of age to vote
  • Not be serving a sentence for conviction of a felony involving moral turpitude
  • Have not been found mentally incompetent by a judge

Any registered VOTER with questions regarding their provisional ballots may contact your local elections office. You may also contact the Georgia Secretary of State's Office at 1-844-537-5375.

You can access Election forms here: Election Forms

Fax Number is (229) 233-6162

The Ben Hill County Board of Elections will hold their monthly meetings at 10:00 am every 2nd Tuesday of the Month until further notice. The meeting will be held at:
602 S. Grant Street
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
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Brandon Fletcher, EMA Director

The Ben Hill County EMA's purpose is to increase the resiliency and its ability to respond and recover from the hazards that threaten our community. This is done through mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery, which is a combined effort with EMS, E-911, Police and Sheriff's Departments, Fire Department, and the Volunteer Fire Department.

What is Emergency Management?

The Emergency Management network is a combination of your local, state, and federal governments working together in partnership with local volunteers and businesses, to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from all hazards that affect a jurisdiction. The Ben Hill County Emergency Management Agency is the local agency with the responsibility for coordination and mitigation, preparedness, and response and recovery efforts to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Ben Hill County. Many natural hazards may impact the communities in Ben Hill County.

These include tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, lightning, floods, winter storms, and wildfires. These are dangerous and often unpredictable events. It is very important that citizens know the safety precautions to take before an emergency and what actions to take during an emergency, whether natural or caused by man. In addition to the many natural hazards that may impact the county, other man-made and technological hazards pose an equal, if not greater, threat to the citizens.

Personal Accident Report

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The EMS office provides the following services for Ben Hill County Residents:

Ben Hill County EMS operates a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year ALS Ambulance Service. ALS stands for Advanced Life Support. Ambulance's are now described as mobile emergency rooms.

Emergency Services
  • 911 service for the citizens of Ben Hill County
  • Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support 911 services depending on the nature of the call
  • Three 24-hour ALS 911 ambulances
Non-Emergency Services
  • One Specialty Care ambulance
    • 7 days a week
    • Hours of Operation: 8am-8pm
  • Stretcher transports for Ben Hill County
  • Low rates for a dedicated ambulance for private events
  • Educational classes such as CPR, First Aid, ACLS, and PALS certification and re-certification

To schedule a non-emergency transport, please call 229-336-2072.


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What is UGA Extension?

We deliver lifelong learning across the state through science-based programs in agriculture and the environment, family well-being and 4-H youth development.  We are a collaborative between Georgia county governments, the USDA and the University of Georgia's colleges of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences and Family & Consumer Sciences.

The Ben Hill County Cooperative Extension Office extends lifelong learning to Georgia citizens through unbiased, research-based education.

Some of our services include:

  • Soil Tests & Water Tests
  • Researched-Based Advice for Production Crops
  • 4-H Summer Camps
  • 4-H Competitive Events


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Chris Naylor, RN- County Nurse Manager

The Ben Hill County Health Department serves the entire population in the county. Our services are available to everyone regardless of age, race, religion, national origin, political belief, disability or sex. We charge only minimal fees for our services, and some services have adjusted fee scales based on ability to pay. Health care services will be provided even if someone is unable to pay. Medicaid and Medicare are also accepted forms of payment.

Provided Services

Our services are available to everyone, regardless of age, race, religion, national origin, political belief, disability, or sex. We charge only minimal fees for our services, and some services have adjusted fee scales based on ability to pay. Health care services will be provided even if someone is unable to pay. Medicaid and Medicare are also accepted forms of payment for covered services.

Environmental Services

Through this service inspections are provided to insure the safety of septic tanks, well water, restaurants, tourist facilities and public swimming pools.

Health Education

Ben Hill County Health Department strives to educate the people of our community with information regarding health. These services are available to individuals, community groups, churches and schools. Information is delivered by nurses, nutritionists, health educators and other qualified staff members.

Family Planning Services

Assists families in planning their pregnancies by providing education, physical exams, lab work and contraceptives. This program is eligible to all women of reproductive age and fees are based on income.

General Nursing

Immunizations, blood tests, hearing, vision, and dental screenings, tuberculosis screenings, cancer screenings, blood pressure and blood sugar screenings, head lice checks and pregnancy tests are all available through General Nursing.


Immunizations are available for all ages with an emphasis on infants up to three years of age. At your request, the Ben Hill County Health Department will also provide adult flu shots and pneumonia vaccines on-site at your business.

Infectious Disease Program

Follow-up is provided for individuals who had a communicable disease such as tuberculosis, meningitis, hepatitis or others. Contact investigation is included.

School Health

Ben Hill County Health Department provides technical assistance to the school health nurse to provide health care to children in the schools’ clinics on an as needed basis. School health services also include scoliosis screening, immunizations and hearing and vision testing.

Sexually Transmitted Disease

If an individual suspects that he or she has a sexually transmitted disease, physical exams, lab tests, treatment and follow-up is provided through the STD program. Counseling and testing for persons who are at risk for contracting the HIV virus is also available. Follow up services are available to persons with HIV/AIDS upon request. Ben Hill County shares a Communicable Disease Specialist with other counties and these services are available as needed.

Sickle Cell Screening and Counseling

This program serves ages birth to 21 years with medical screening and education about sickle cell disease and other abnormal blood disorders. Contact your physician or the Ben Hill County Health Department for a referral.

Community Health Planning

A service that provides health data for the purpose of analyzing each local community’s strengths and future health needs.

Prenatal Planner

Tracks trends in maternal and infant mortality and morbidity, working with the community to address the problem.

Travel Immunizations

Travelers of all ages can receive immunizations and health care information based on the latest CDC recommendations through the Lowndes County Health Department. LCHD is an approved Yellow Fever Vaccination site.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams provides diabetes education and services to adult type 2 diabetics with a special focus on high risk groups including African Americans and Hispanics. Services provided include self management education classes, individual and group nutrition counseling, and medication and diabetic testing supply assistance.

Breast & Cervical Cancer Program

Provides education and screening for breast and cervical cancer in women aged 40 – 64, including diagnostic follow up if indicated at no cost to eligible women.

Children with Special Needs

A unit of programs working together to provide family-centered services to newborns through age 21 years who have or are at risk to develop medical conditions and/or significant developmental delays.

Health Check

Provides for the screening of lead, medical and/or developmental problems in children. Medicaid covers from infancy to the 21st birthday and PeachCare covers up to age 19.

Prenatal Programs

This program is composed of Prenatal Case Management (PCM), and Pregnancy Related Services (PRS). Helps pregnant women identify their needs for the delivery of a healthy baby and creates a plan to address those needs.


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